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 Joko will to NoJoke

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PostSubject: Joko will to NoJoke   Sun Oct 09, 2011 11:46 am

Hey No Joke

-What is ur in-game name?

• My name in Urt is Joko.

-What is ur real name?

• My name is Sascha.

-What's ur age?

• I'm 18 year's old.

-How long do you play Urban terror?

• I play 2 year's Urban Terror

-What gametype do u play most?

• Bomb Mode and Captur the Flag

-What position do u want (defender, attacker, middle)?

• Most i play defender.

-Tell something about ur urban terror gameplay (other clans u have been in, weapons u like, maps etc.)

I was formerly 1 year ago I was only there for RCP played sniper, but that was a ts Clan but now i game time approx. 1 year ctf.
My favorit weapons is Lr300 and Sr8. To do this, Nades destroy webs of moch Medic, laser and more. I play for my Life Dust2 but i can play Casa, Abbey, Tohunga, Turnpike and more. I come from Germany and now I apologise already once because of mine in English. I am on-line every day. On Tuesdays, of Wednesday and Friday I am on-line only from 21 o'clock because I must work on Monday and Thursday I have trains.

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Joko will to NoJoke
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